not really updates as such, just some vague promises…

Something bad seems to have happened to my images, but since I have all the technical chops of Mr Computer I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for it to get fixed. “Wait!” I hear the anguished voices cry, “doesn’t your spousal unit make her living from that dire species of satanic voodoo known to decent, CPU-fearing folk as “computer stuff”?” Well, yes, but if I bother her with computer stuff too much, she kicks me in the nuts. It hurts, you know, but I figure I deserved it. Those of you who live with tax accountants or lawyers or doctors or any other useful professional, you’ll understand. After all, it’s not like the SU set me up this site just so that she could spend her precious minutes of free time hacking code (where I come from, a hacking code is subthig you see a dogtor for, but I just love to use jargon I barely understand) in response to my twittering. But Respectful of Otters is now in Rocket Scientists where it belongs, and I haven’t forgotten about the teeny-tiny text in the comments boxes either (hi, P!). There are other things to fix, too: front-page links to my bio and copyrightanything notice, and a bunch of sites I don’t read by RSS but to which I do want to offer linky props over there on the sidebar somewhere.
So I’ll get to all of these things eventually, but please be patient. My nuts thank you.

hello world

photo of me That’s me, more or less. I took that shot about a week ago; the spousal unit says that if it were all you had to go on, you’d recognise me easily enough. What’s left of the hair is mousy brown, the beard is reddish where it’s not grey, and the eyes are blue: standard WASP-y hybrid. (Another photo here.) Born Papua New Guinea 1969, moved to Australia 1976; high school here, university here; Hons with this bloke, PhD here on vaccine candidate antigens in this disease with this bloke (photo here, works here), just before he moved to Tulane. First post-doc in HIV replication with David Harrich, to whom I owe an enormous debt and not just for all the science. Met wife online Nov 01, married Aug 02, moved to Portland OR Nov 02. Until June 2005, worked with Caroline Enns on the molecular basis of iron homeostasis in humans, with a particular emphasis on haemochromatosis. Now working with [redacted, see update below]
Anything else you want to know, just ask.
Update 041207: no one asked, but for Google juice and because I never actually meant to be anonymous (I keep the handle because it’s how most of my online friends know me): Bill Hooker. Search here for “Hooker CW” to see most of my scientific publications.
Update, 2008: It has been brought rather forcefully to my attention that my employers do not want anyone ever to get the impression that I represent them in any capacity. So if you, dear reader, should happen to find out where I work, please ignore that information and know that the contents of this site are my fault and my fault alone, having nothing whatsoever to do with my current employers.

colorless green ideas syndicate furiously

Have I mentioned how much I love Bloglines? I just sent them this via the contact form:

Dear Bloglines,
I would like to be able to see the public subscriptions of people whose blogs I like. Currently, this requires knowing whether they have a bloglines account and, if so, what name they signed up with. Would it be possible to annotate each blog’s entry in the directory with a link to the owner’s bloglines account, if they have one?
Also, when the ads start, please please please make the paid service ad-free. I’ll happily pay a reasonable fee for bloglines, which I think is the best thing since sliced bread, but not if I can’t get rid of ads.

I’ll update this post when I get a reply.
One other issue, not under Bloglines’ control: too many people have crappy feeds that show only the first few words, or just a headline. When I am trying to keep up with 126 sites, I want to be able to skim, and headlines-only feeds make that difficult. That’s what the new “full text feeds please” folder in my bloglines account is for: I’ll be quarantining those sites for now, and probably only checking them “by hand” once a week or so.
(The post title? “Full text feeds please” reminded me of Chomsky’s famous phrase. Perhaps you had to be there me.)
Update: it’s been pointed out to me that there are bandwidth issues with providing full feeds (although I think those are minimal if you only feed text), and, more importantly, that presentation is stripped bare in an RDF format. Full-text feeds are nice, but I am also happy with enough of an excerpt to give me a good sense of the post. I didn’t mean to demand that other people’s designs should be subordinate to my convenience, so I’ve changed the folder title to “longer excerpts please”, but I’ve let the post stand to remind me what happens when I post without sufficient thought. (I generally won’t delete anything, and I’ll always make original versions available.)
Update the second: Bloglines’ reply to my email:

We’ll be adding a directory of public feeds soon. And we currently are planning on having a no-ads version available when we do start running ads.

copyright, copyleft, copy whatever you want

As I expected, it’s taking me longer than I expected to get the rest of the site (bio, non-blog writing, etc) up, so I thought I should address the issue of copyright. I’ve just gone back and added links for all the unattributed pictures except the Hubble one (I can’t remember which news story I got that from, but it’s almost certainly a stock beauty shot from the telescope’s home page). So without further ado:
Copyright Notice
Case 1: If I didn’t make it, it belongs to someone else and you should respect their rights and wishes. I certainly will: all legitimate requests regarding intellectual property and the content of this website will be speedily obliged. By “legitimate” I mean either “made by the owner of said property” or “reasonable, as determined by me”.
Case 2: If I did make it, take anything you want, and do with it as you please. I reserve no rights bar this: if you alter something I made in any way, do not identify me as the author of the altered work. I’d love to hear back about anything you do with something you found here.

Update: as discussed here, I intend that this blog should be part of the public domain. You can take anything you find here (so long as I made it) and do anything with it that you like. I’d love to hear about it, but you’re under no obligation whatsoever.