Everyone needs a hobby.

Mine, when I have time for it, is photography. I’ll still post some photos, like the mouse below, to this blog; but now I have a separate blog for those images I would (if I weren’t worried about sounding like a complete wanker) call “my art”. The link is at the top of the new column at left, where I’ll manually add thumbnails from that blog. It’s at Expressions.com, because I haven’t the time to make exactly what I want and of all the photoblogging services I tried, only Expressions gave me enough control over the format to make it (nearly) as simple as I wanted.
So. Fwiw, there it is. Hat tip, again, to Andrew and Ralf.

Essence of mouse.


In case anyone was wondering, this is the sort of thing I do all day. That cotton-candy-looking stuff is mouse genomic DNA, about 600 micrograms of it, harvested from a tumor caused (we’re trying to find out how) by deletion of the MNT gene in T cells. I was going to try to say something profound, but the little DNA monster (the “eyes” are air bubbles trapped when the DNA came out of solution) rather deflated my pomposity.

Daffodil, Woodstock neighborhood, Portland


When I lived in Brisbane, daylillies were the harbingers of Spring; here in Portland, it’s daffodils. Also cherry trees, tulips, magnolias, camelias, pansies and several flowers I don’t yet know the names of. Portland is a good place to live if you like flowers. (Or if you don’t.)
This is an old trick, but I never tire of it. What you do is shoot a pale flower against a dark background (the foliage will usually do), and expose for the highlights or even one stop over. Then simply process the print or digital negative so that the background is black.

kitty in the window

That is a photo, but it’s a photo of the shadow KC cast as she sat in the front window. I didn’t have time to grab the tripod so it was underexposed, hence the noise from altering levels and sharpening in PhotoShop. I’d prefer it sharp, I think, but I like it well enough this way.