apocalypse when?

Mark Morford wants to know what to do with all those tubs of margarine if the promised gay apocalypse doesn’t come:

I have been waiting patiently.
I have been staring with great anticipation out the window of my flat here in the heart of San Francisco, sighing heavily, waiting for the riots and the plagues and the screaming monkeys and the blistering rain of inescapable hellfire. I have my camera all ready and everything.
There has been nothing.

Really, go read it. And then subscribe to the Morning Fix. Mistah Morford, he funny.


Pictures from yesterday’s marriage-license-fest are available here. They have not been adjusted much, so considerable sharpening and colour/contrast correction is possible on some of them.
A few quick favourites, processed a little more carefully:
umbrellaguys.jpg feathergals.jpg

dots.jpg family.jpg

signs.JPG todd.jpg

That last is a plug, by the way: if you want any photography done, Todd Brown (on the left) is your man.

where’s my damn pictures?

Coming! I plan to upload thumbnails and medium sized files this evening.
What’s this all about? Spousal unit and I took half of yesterday off work and pestered couples for pictures as they lined up to get marriage licenses as per the last entry. We did this because pictures are important: they put a human face on the issue, and seem to be making a positive difference to public attitudes. If I took your picture yesterday, it will be here sometime tonight, and you can email me for a high-res copy any time. (We also made a couple of coffee runs, and with a little luck the spousal unit’s phone calls will have resulted in a more organised coffee service for the crowd today.)
In the meantime, worldwide pablo is collecting links to blogs with pictures of Portland’s gay marriages. So far blue hole and strangechord/smugmug have stepped up, and the former also links to picture posts by zoe trope. Elsewhere, lizbet has rounded up local reaction and other news, and b!X has more good coverage.
Finally, I want to apologise to Portland mayor Vera Katz for my earlier comment in light of her eloquent statement on gay marriage.
Update: spousal unit reports that D-Dish is indeed providing coffee and pastries, and links to more pics.

yes! yes! yes! yes! yes!

Today’s Oregonian headline: County will license gay nuptials. County counsel Agnes Sowle provided county commissioners Lisa Naito and Serena Cruz with a written opinion that Multnomah Co’s legal definition of marriage “.. does not state specifically that the contract may only be entered into between partners of the opposite sex”, and that “refusal to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples denies them the privileges and immunities granted to heterosexual couples”, the latter being exactly the violation of the state constitution that I posited earlier. Via the spousal unit, b!X has more news and background.
Update: because appearances matter, and soundbites pass for journalism: go here and vote (link to the poll is to the right of the wedding photo, towards the top left of the page).

happy birthday ted

seuss.jpg I attribute my lifelong love of words principally to two things: my parents’ willingness to read to me — and read, and read, and read, and read some more, long after their sanity must have been strained — and the poetry of Theodor Geisel, better known as Dr Suess. From him, via my longsuffering parents, I learned to love the feel of words in one’s ears and mouth, the bounce and swing of rhythm and the “just-so” pleasure of rhyme. Today would have been his hundredth birthday, and the occasion will be marked by the unveiling of a statue, the issue of a postage stamp (I swiped that picture of it from the NYT) and the addition of a star to Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. His publisher, Random House, also has a variety of events planned, including an art exhibition which, sadly, does not seem to come anywhere near Portland. Personally, I think it would be better celebrated by reading one of his books aloud to a small child — or to yourself. Wikipedia has an excellent entry on Dr Suess, much better than the official Random House site (which requires Flash). The Chase Group handles sales of Geisel’s art if you fancy a print or even a sculpture.

get angry

Reason #1: Blake at American Footprint points to several news stories about the Bureau of Land Management‘s decision to sell 40000 acres of buffer zone around Dinosaur National Monument — to oil and gas interests. Earthjustice has maps. I have a sick feeling.

Reason #2: DocBug has the good oil on HR-3261:

[this bill] would allow database maintainers to sue anyone who copies facts from their database for a competing product. Even if those facts aren’t protectable under copyright. Even if they were produced by someone else. Even if the database itself was produced by someone else and is only being maintained by the plaintiff.

It’s a landgrab by a bunch of scumbags like Elsevier; Doc points out the sorts of things they want to do with it and provides a bunch of references, including action alerts from the American Library Association and the EFF.