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comedian Dave Allen I interrupt my hiatus to report the sad news that Dave Allen is dead, much too soon at 68 (obit/brief bio here). This may not mean much to my fellow Americans — did y’all get Dave Allen At Large here? — but I grew up with Allen’s old school skits-and-monologues comedy, and he is a large part of what comes to my mind when I think “funny”. He was an atheist, so I will resist the urge to send him off with his own sign-off, which is reported differently in every different story but which I remember as “Thank you; goodnight; and may your God go with you”. Cheers, Dave.
(Picture swiped from the beeb, found the story at Chez Kaf; the title is a reference to a series of skits that was a favourite with my family.)

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bit of a hiatus

I was going to apologise for the lack of updates, but the hell with it — I don’t do this for you. Stupid readers, who needs ’em? (That was a joke! A joke! Wait, come back…)
Anyway, the spousal unit has the basics, to which I’ll just add that work is a lousy way to make a living. I am one fucked unit, and not likely to get any less fucked any time soon. If you’re reading this, I probably owe you email too — sorry about that, I’ll do my best. It’s not that I don’t love you any more, I’m just nackered.
See yer in a few weeks then, when I’m in better form.
P.S. the linky weirdness below is a glitch that appeared when I (by which of course I mean the spousal unit) had to delete trackbacks; I was getting so much spam that it took down a server. Bastards. Anyway, fixing a little glitch on my site is not high on our list of priorities right now, so it’ll be staying that way for a while.