Open Science Conference proposal

I’m probably too late with this to do any good, but Shirley Wu is putting together a proposal for an Open Science session at the Pacific Symposium on Biocomputing. You can read a draft of the proposal which already reads pretty well to me, and Shirley could do with letters of support:

One thing that would really help outside of the proposal itself is to have actual letters of support. That way the organizers will know there is serious interest and commitment for a session on Open Science – it’s a gamble for them, frankly, but much less of one if there is a good crowd on board.

So if you would like to support this proposal and are willing to commit to participating should it get accepted, please send me an email to that effect (with as many details of your anticipated participation as you can provide at this time), and I will include all the emails as “supplementary material” next Friday.

Er, yes, that’s this coming Friday… I did mention I was late with this, no?
So anyway, if you can come up with an idea for a presentation or can simply commit to attending, please drop Shirley a line. She’s another graduate student who’s caught the Open Science bug, and the more of them we have — and the more we can do to help and encourage them — the better.