die, you evil bastards, die!

I hope this will kill Diebold dead. The Oakland Trib has a better article:

the nation’s second-largest provider of voting systems concedes that its flagship products in California have significant security flaws and that it supplied hundreds of poorly designed electronic-voting devices that disenfranchised voters in the March presidential primary.
Diebold Election Systems Inc. President Bob Urosevich admitted this and more, and apologized “for any embarrassment.”
“We were caught. We apologize for that,” Urosevich said of the mass failures of devices needed to call up digital ballots.

After the vile way in which the Bush junta siezed power in 2000, I have no doubt whatsoever that they will steal every vote that isn’t nailed down. As this latest farce shows, using Diebold machines is just handing them opportunities. Bruce Schneier recently pointed out how cheap it would be to steal an election based on electronic voting, and Bev Harris has loads of info. This is one of the most important issues of the 2004 election, if not the most, and it gets more important with every upswing in Kerry’s fortunes. BushCo™ has no intention of ever losing power; if The People™ are to thwart their designs, voting must — must must must — be transparent.
Die, you malignant corporate tumour on the tainture of America! Die!
(via Body and Soul)
Update: from For the Record, who have been all over this issue for some time, comes a related story from Florida, the spiritual home of election fraud, and a timely reminder that some of the best anti-disenfranchisement resources around can be had at Verified Voting.