no bottom to worse

Remember this story about worthless douchebag Scott J Bloch? As the newly appointed director of the Office of Special Counsel, which is supposed to protect whistleblowers and other federal employees from retribution, this subhuman sack of satanic dingleballs removed references to sexual orientation from the anti-discrimination information provided by his department. Not long after that, he blithely announced that gay federal employees could be fired without recourse on the basis of their sexual orientation.
It seems that Shifty George and his Uptight White Christian Right Junta liked that idea just fine, so now they’re doing the same thing to women’s issues. The National Council for Research on Women has released a report (available here) detailing the multitude of ways in which Shrub’s Morlocks are undermining the body of reliable public scientific and sociological information. From the report’s Executive Summary:

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fact sheet that focused on the advantages of using condoms to prevent sexually transmitted disease was revised in December 2002 to cast doubt on the effectiveness of condoms, calling evidence on condom use and transmission of HIV and other STD