yanqui go home. no, really.

The unholy clusterfuck in Iraq makes me want to puke every time I think about it. I literally cannot imagine how Iraqis must feel, but I’m pretty sure I know what they want right now. River, whom you should be reading regularly, puts it this way:

I sometimes get emails asking me to propose solutions or make suggestions. Fine. Today’s lesson: don’t rape, don’t torture, don’t kill and get out while you can- while it still looks like you have a choice… Chaos? Civil war? Bloodshed? We

4 thoughts on “yanqui go home. no, really.

  1. I’ve gone from initial outrage to simply feeling sick and ashamed.
    Also, I’m getting weary of news articles going on about how this all is especially offensive to Muslims. Exists there a culture on this planet where such treatment would not be deemed especially repugnant and offensive? If I’m correct here, then it should be clear that the offenders did what they did, not because they have some special insight into Iraqi culture, but because they knew in their bones how badly they themselves would hurt if the tables were turned.
    And they did it all anyway.

  2. I’m reduced to linking to other people’s comments, because mine dissolve into angry gibberish every time I try to write them up. This is not the America I wanted to join. I’ve thought about leaving, but where would I go?

  3. Try and find everything George Gittoes has to say about the Iraq situation. Absolutely worth listening to. Generally the common man Iraqis do want peace, do want freedom, do want help to get there, don’t mind America being present. But google and read, rather than looking at my summary.
    As to where to go, travel some more. Take trips and talk to people. It’s a balance between the majority, the people you hang with, and the government…
    All the best to you, Kitty, and the cats 🙂

  4. Ralf’s certainly right about you should travel more in the US; you’re living in an odd liberal enclave surrounded by the looniest of right-wing nutters. For some reason, both extremes like trees. Go figure.
    Northern New Mexico. Las Crueces, maybe. Just for starters.

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