american what association?

The disingenuously named American Family Association is at it again, this time frothing at the mouth over the “homosexual agenda” (about which, see this). If you have a spare moment, go mess up their survey (that is, unless you’re a raving bigot, answer the dishonest leading questions as accurately as they can be answered). (via Atrios)
I note with schadenfreudenous glee that they tell you how many people have taken this survey after you submit your answers — I was the 95894th — but not what the results are. Presumably they learned something from this little incident.
Oh, and you have to give them a name and email address. I gave them real info, as I’m happy to keep casual tabs on what these malignant morons are up to, but you can always just make stuff up. Vote early, vote often.

One thought on “american what association?

  1. Yes, vote often — literally. This looks like a survey I saw a while ago that asked who you would support in the next election. Your number of votes was limited only by your patience and your creativity in making up fake e-mail addresses. As if online polls weren’t useless enough already. 🙂

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