snippets, with pictures even

scissors icon comet Wild-2, up close and personalComet Wild-2 is billions of years old and millions of miles away, travelling at 13000 miles an hour — and we just took pictures of it, and grabbed a few handfuls of its dust. This gave me one of those “holy shit” moments that got me into science in the first place. (photo: nasa; you really have to go and see the high-res version)

scissors icon I like to think I’m pretty straightforward and unsentimental about mortal remains, mine or anyone else’s, but this guy has me beat by a mile.

a callimico, or Goeldi's monkey scissors iconI’d never heard of callimicos. They’re cute. (Photo Credit: Edilio Nacimento Becerra / University Of Washington)

scissors icon I love this kind of geekery, even if the songs do suck.

scissors icon shieldbug.jpg “New bug proves global warming”

“In all the other cases people say, ‘Is this to do with global warming?’ And we have to say we are not sure. But in this case we are sure.”

Meh. First, prove that the London colonies are not metabolically different from the populations in warmer regions. Mutation is no less likely an explanation than global warming, and easier to falsify. (photo: bbc)

scissors iconThe obvious question arising from this is, do male and female humans have different levels of vasopressin in the orthologous brain region?

scissors icon Hydrolagus matallanasi is a living fossil, like the coelacanth. Another scalp-tingly moment.
Hydrolagus matallanasi, a living fossil

(AP Photo/Vale do Itajai University, Rafael de Alcantara Brandi)

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