personal note; or, a “shout-out” as the kids say

I am almost certainly the world’s worst snail-mail correspondent, but it occurs to me that I can use this blog to remedy that, at least in part. So — Auntie Sis, Uncle Graham, Adam and Claire: thank you for the birthday card, which arrived in good time and was much appreciated.
While I’m at it, thank you also for the other 34 cards, to most of which I daresay I never responded. It occurs to me that this is a remarkable1 demonstration of familial affection and support, thoroughly undeserved on my part, and I am grateful for it.
Also, a little bird tells me that my uncle is a bit under the weather, so my best wishes to you Uncle Graham, and my thoughts are with you all.
1 For those playing along at home: I’m 35.

2 thoughts on “personal note; or, a “shout-out” as the kids say

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. As to the other, if I can’t be a good example I’ll settle for being a horrible warning.

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