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For me, the best thing about Wampum’s 2003 Koufax Awards is the number of excellent blogs to which the nominations (which start here) have introduced me. True to form, though, I haven’t been paying attention as I added new blogs into my favourite new toy, so no list of new notables from me. Instead, I’ve gone through the nominations for Best Post, and here present (in no particular order within each group) my own selections from that list, with reasons why you should go vote for them as well.
Best of breed:
Lady Sisyphus’ post, actually written by a friend of hers, called so great a cloud of witnesses. I defy anyone to read this and maintain opposition to gay marriage without engaging in serious cognitive dissonance.
Billmon is nominated for a number of posts, but the one that really resonated with me was Dream Time. I also grew up in a racist milieu, bear its lasting marks, and am determined to rid myself of every last trace of it.
The rest of the best:
Prometheus 6 looks at American slavery from a viewpoint you should not miss. Whites, as well as blacks, had to be conditioned to accept an economy built on injustice.
David Niewert at Orcinus is nominated for a widely (and deservedly) praised post on the impact of the political on the personal.
Amp at Alas, A Blog takes a swipe at one of the last socially acceptable prejudices. What I want to know is, what’s so terrible about being fat anyway?
Amp has also been nominated for his succinct explanation of how Republicans could get a late-term abortion ban if they really wanted one, and why they don’t.
Very Very Happy on why you should at least get your facts straight before you decide to hate the French. Read this before you ever make the “cheese eating surrender monkeys” joke again, ‘k?
Honourable Mentions:
Allen Brill at The Right Christians provides annotations for MLK Jr’s “I have a dream” speech. If you can stomach my writing and opinions, you don’t need me to explain why that speech is important, and Allen has done a nice job of tracking down the sources of its powerful imagery.
The Left Hook is nominated for a post about Jose Padilla. I was embarassed to realise that I did not know what was happening in that critical case, so the post makes my list for administering a much-needed jolt (even if it was written back when I was still paying attention). If, like me, you need to catch up, Google is your friend. (Bottom line: no progress.)
Greg at The Talent Show also makes the list for telling me something I should have known. He starts out teeing off on Transcendental Meditation, then goes on to deliver the coup de grâce to the Hundredth Monkey bullshit (that the latter was so readily debunkable is what I didn’t know, but should have).
Nathan Newman gets points for defending the (almost) indefensible Al Sharpton, and doing a good job of it.
Tresy is nominated for an enjoyable and accurate anti-Shrub rant on corrente, The Chickenhawks Come Home to Roost.
I admit it, Atrios’ Secret Media Memo made me laugh.

2 thoughts on “late to the party

  1. First: so far, I love your weblog.
    Second: thanks for posting this. It’s a pleasure to see intelligent weblogs — and intelligent weblog posts — recognized. There’s some great stuff here, and I’ve spent most of this icy morning browsing the nominations.

  2. Thanks, JD. Yeah, it’s a real time-sink. Wait until you get to the “best series” nominations!

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