2 thoughts on “portland light

  1. Your photos — at least the ones you post — are consistently outstanding. Are you taking digital photos are using film? Are you making any modifications? Have yoiu been doing this photography thing for long? I’ve been dabbling amateur photography — film only — for about two years, but only have a handful of quality shots. I’m awed by your portfoliio, even the limited amount of stuff you’ve shared.

  2. Digital’s the secret, JD — no film/processing/printing costs, so you can take literally thousands of shots. I probably take 50 for every one I post, although I’m improving. That’s the reason I went digital — at the time (about four years ago), I could afford either a B&W darkroom setup or a good digital camera, and I figured I needed practice more than anything. I spent big on memory — I have a 1Gb microdrive — so I can store 400 raw or 600 superfine 1500×2400 jpg images on the camera.
    I use a Canon Powershot G1 and Adobe Photoshop. I do some, but not a whole lot, of image manipulation — digital images always need some sharpening, and I do some cropping and contrast adjustment. Oh, and I shoot colour and adjust to grayscale later — B&W mode doesn’t give the same quality.
    The big drawback so far is that I haven’t found a good way to make physical prints, but I am mostly content with web presentation for now.

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