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Oh my. Ask MetaFilter goes where few others would dare.
Sometimes, you just gotta do the experiment, even if it means a swimming pool full of snot.
This site has GM MIDI files of algorithmic music determined by mathematics and the musical preferences of a human. Insert obligatory Philip Glass joke. (via BoingBoing, which probably should carry a NSFW label these days)
Growth industry: New Zealand scientist Christopher Anderson is sowing corn and canola and reaping gold, mercury and other toxic contaminants from small-scale mines. Metals recovered from the plants are used to pay for cleanup and local programs to combat poverty. (via jwz)
Of, like, pertaining to, resulting from, resembling. Be sure to check out the rest of the Phrontistery as well. (via kindall)
What with all the Patriot Act insanity going around, amateur photographers might want to carry the Photographer’s Bust Card with them. Especially if they’re, you know, brown.
For the nerd who has everything: cufflinks with embedded instrumentation. (also via BoingBoing)
Graham‘s right, this animated gif is hypnotic.