i’d rather they didn’t (can dan, that is)

Dear CBS,
there is apparently a campaign under way to get you to sack Dan Rather. Don’t do it! Mistakes happen; Dan got punk’d, no one got killed and he owned up — when will GWB admit even one of his many, far more costly, mistakes? If unscrupulous liar Lisa Myers still has a job, honest Dan should get to keep his.
Don’t can Dan!
Feedback to CBS via the link at the bottom of this page; the above is the letter I sent them.
(I seem to be recycling a lot of links from the spousal unit lately.)

2 thoughts on “i’d rather they didn’t (can dan, that is)

  1. Sorry, but CBS made a horribly unprofessional “mistake”. They ran a story with no independent corroboration, based on a single document which any competent techie could have told them was a fake. If Rather is this desparate for breaking story, not even considering any claims of political bias, how can anyone take his future news gathering seriously?

  2. Meh. Not to defend Rather and CBS too hard, but they did nothing that isn’t routine in news reporting these days. Doesn’t make it right, but I don’t see why he should lose his job over it, is all I’m saying. The main thing that spurred me to comment was the hypocrisy of the “he should get the sack” wailing, which is conspicuously absent when far more egregious and damaging “mistakes” happen to coincide with a right-wing worldview. I don’t give a rat’s about the memo, or about who did or didn’t go to Vietnam thirty years ago.
    (As for taking Rather or CBS seriously, I never have. Same goes for all mainstream news, which I pretty much ignore; I get my news on the web.)

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