if it can happen, it will happen

Capt John Paul StappCapt John Paul Stapp endures enormous deceleration forces in tests that lead to far reaching improvements in transportation safety, including the adoption of automobile seat belts Murphy’s Law is a wonderful thing, and so is this article about it by Nick T. Spark. Learn why everything you think you know about Murphy’s Law is wrong, and what rocket sleds have to do with it, and how the fearless and deeply human medic who made it popular may, with Ralph Nader’s help, have saved your life.
The article is from the Annals of Improbable Research (which has its own blog) by way of this AIR column in the Guardian. (via Sisyphus Shrugged; scroll down) The photos, which I swiped from the AIR article, belong to Edwards Air Force Base and show Capt John Paul Stapp, who turns out to be rather more interesting than Ed Murphy.