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pamayres.jpg The good news: Pam Ayres has got an MBE. I’ve been a fan of Pam Ayres’ unpretentious light verse since I first heard her reading it in her distinctive West Country burr about twenty years ago. My favourite is still Clamp the Mighty Limpet, which begins

I am Clamp the Mighty Limpet
I am solid, I am stuck
I am welded to the rockface
With my superhuman suck.

When I get home this evening I’ll transcribe the rest of it, and a couple of others. (Update: apparently I forgot to steal the Pam Ayres books from my parents last time I visited, so I’ll make a separate entry when I’ve bought myself new copies.) I think Ms Ayres should be Poet Laureate instead of professional boring git Andrew Motion. Seriously, and if I had the time I could make a scholarly argument for the idea on the basis that light verse of a certain kind is the last (and perhaps the first and only) distinctively British mode of poetry. (photo lifted from the jacket cover of her latest book)
anthonyhecht.jpg The sad news: Anthony Hecht is dead much too soon at 81. Hecht was a formalist whose poetry merited with unusual frequency both of the overused adjectives “beautiful” and “melancholy”. He also (with John Hollander) invented the double dactyl, a light form that’s considerably harder than it looks. This, for instance, reads like one but isn’t:

Higgledy piggledy
Anthony Hecht is dead,
terrible news for all
lovers of verse:
assholes like me will be
obituarizing him; what
could be worse?

You can read some of his work at the links above, and I’ll transcribe some more tonight. (photo swiped from Auburn U Dept of English) (both items from the excellent dumbfoundry)

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  1. Higgledy piggledy
    Anthony (Tony) Hecht
    His name wouldn’t fit in the
    Form of his verse.
    Sadly, he now is a
    (Which, compared to not scanning, is
    Immeasurably worse.)

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