not with a bang but a whimper

Christopher Genovese says what I’ve been meaning to:

… lacking a clear record of my how my views have developed, I felt obliged to cover more and more, lest it seem to benefit too much from hindsight. Without meaning to, I’ve let this restrain me from commenting on political matters large and small

Man, do I hear you. Issue after issue, outrage after outrage, I didn’t cover it because I didn’t have time to cover it fully. I kept meaning to sum up in one big post — perhaps a wonderchickensian catharsis of bile, perhaps something reasonable and balanced — but I never got around to it. I kept meaning to post about how I wasn’t getting around to it, and remind readers that in putting together my blogroll over there on the right I tried hard to combine comprehensive news and insightful analysis while keeping the number of sites to a readable level — but I never got around to that either. I guess, like Chris, it just makes me feel better to say all that.
(There’s no need for an endorsement from me, but here it is anyway: if you vote for Bush you are stupid, deluded, evil or some combination of all three. John Kerry is not everything I’d like, but I will probably never have that in a president anyway. Kerry is a decent man, a man of integrity, and he has the political and personal werewithal to start to undo some of the horrific damage that Apocalypse Inc and their smirking front man have inflicted on my new homeland and the world. If you give two squirts of cold ratshit about anything other than yourself, you’ll vote for John Kerry.)

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