Yeah, so, “decent” to “maggot” in the space of two posts? I may be a bit of a drama queen. Sorry, Senator, for the bad names — but I meant what I said about not forgiving you. Conceding was wrong; you promised you’d fight all the way, and that’s what you should have done. I hope, in fact, that’s what you are doing right now, quietly, behind the scenes — there are plenty of suggestions that the election was swiz. I want those suggestions fully and openly investigated. If the answer is, no, America really did elect that vile idiot, well, so be it — the point is to clean up the process, in which it seems hardly anyone has any faith left.
Other than that, I just dunno. I got every damn thing wrong. I thought Kerry would win, I was rocksolidsure he wouldn’t concede before the last vote was in, I even thought Measure 36, Oregon’s anti-gay marriage ballot initiative, would fail. I thought a few donations and a Kerry For President sign in the window was enough. Go, me.
I do know this, though: I’m not leaving. I had expected to be mired in a blue funk of despair if Kerry lost, but to my surprise I’m mostly angry — not the lashing out pointlessly kind of angry, but the cool determined now you’ve pissed me off kind of angry. I’d thought about moving to Canada, and about whether I wanted to become a US citizen or not, but now I’ve decided: one has to stand somewhere, and this is my somewhere. I like it here, and I’m not going to just hand my new home over to the Gays Are Icky And Brown People Don’t Count party.
Bush is an unimigated disaster, the worst elected leader I’ve ever seen (and I’m from the Banana Republic of Australia!). He lied to take the country into an unjustifiable and unjust war, which he then prosecuted with criminal incompetence. He has presided over the worst human rights abuses I’ve seen in any country whose citizens still largely kid themselves that “we don’t do that”. He took a record budget surplus and created a record deficit in record time by means of tax breaks for the superwealthy and blatantly corrupt government contracting. He’s ignored and tried to marginalize science, promoted ideology over reason, rolled back environmental progress twenty years and shown himself determined to quash dissent from any quarter. Even the bloody abortion rate has skyrocketed under this administration, and he’s supposed to be against that. And yet, barring revelations (and concrete proof) of fraud, there he is back in the White House for a second term. Why?
I have some ideas, but they’re half-formed at best and my form as a political pundit does not encourage me to write about them anyway. If I were the type who could stick to that I wouldn’t have a blog, so I’ll be writing about them later — but for now, I’m going to spend a while listening.
What happened, and how can we stop it from happening again? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

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  1. Speaking of that deficit, CBC was just on the telly, chatting up the record high of the Canajun dollar (82 US centavos! wahoo!) and pointing out the reasons for this influx of gelt, mainly that internationals are favouring euros as being more stable, wonder why? and meanwhile the US debt is now “7 trillion” and then the billions places, and the millions slots, and the hunnerd thousands, the ten thousands, the thousands, hundredstensones, he didn’t stop there, he went on, in clear, bell-like tones, “and twenty-nine cents!”
    By god, you have to admire a fellow what gets into his work like that, eh?

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