enough is enough

Amid all the Schadenfreude and slapping of Jon Stewart’s back over CNN’s decision to axe Crossfire and cut ties with Tucker Carlson, it appears to have gone unnoticed that the loathesome lying little weasel now has his own show on PBS.
Every time the regressives whine about liberal media bias, the cowards in the mainstream media move further right in an attempt to placate the implacable. Now this. PBS won’t give you an email address to write to, but they provide a “feedback form”. This is what I fed them:
Dear PBS,
You call yourselves a “trusted community resource” and claim to “enrich the lives of all Americans through quality programs and education services” — and then you give Tucker Carlson his own show. Carlson is an embarrassment to journalism, a prolific liar and an enthusiastic, if unimaginative, amplifier of right-wing talking points. What possible purpose could you have in providing him with a platform for his intellectually dishonest partisan schtick? Sadly, the first two reasons that spring to mind are exactly what I have looked to PBS to avoid: pandering to the lowest common audience denominator and running scared from the howls of “liberal bias” that permeate the rest of the mainstream media. If you wanted to join the broadcast arm of the Republican Party you couldn’t have made a better hire.
I want to say that you will never see another penny of my money, but that’s probably not true. PBS remains the only broadcaster that offers anything resembling worthwhile news coverage or balanced commentary. I will probably continue to subscribe, at least until and unless the balance tips further in the Tucker Carlson direction. I am, however, sorely disappointed. Renewing my subscription is no longer automatic and a pleasure; instead I now find myself wondering “do they still do more good than harm?”.
Sincerely, etc.

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