What thing do you value most?

Chris wants to know, what thing (material possession) do you value most? I like to think that I don’t place much value on things, but that’s an easy question anyway:
I know from experience that when there’s a fire alarm, this is the first and only thing I reach for (I don’t wear it around the house). Spouse, cats, wedding band, in that order. It’s platinum, and heavy; we liked the weight. Cat’s is an exact match. The inscription reads “Senn and Kitty 2002” — our online names, since that’s where we met. It’s getting a little beat up now, and I rather like that. It’s a symbol and reminder of the best thing that ever happened to me, and is the only material possession whose loss would cause me lasting sadness.

One thought on “What thing do you value most?

  1. Don’t tell my fiance, but I would grab my glasses before a ring… I *really* can’t live without them. If I was wearing them however, and had room to grab soemthign else, I guess it is going to be my camera. Not because the camera is so important in gneral, but at that particular moment it would become important. I wuold really be kicking myself if I was outside watching the building burn down and didn’t have the camera there to document it.

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