googlebombs for good

Amp points to Rad Geek’s bombing for choice campaign. I have done this sort of thing before, and I agree with Rad Geek’s analysis of the results of that campaign, including Google’s response. The answer to hateful free speech is not censorship but better free speech. Googlebombing is gaming the system, but it’s inherently democratic: to have any impact it requires widespread adoption, and the “game” is available to anyone. So, I’m in:

Roe; Wade; Roe v Wade

I’ll also, as Amp and RG suggest, add this to the sidebar over on the right, just above my links. It will be important not to overuse this idea, especially if “googlebomb sidebars” are going to become commonplace, but it seems a good way to add a little virtual weight to the right (that is, the correct!) side of the scales of public discourse concerning large-scale, enduring issues like abortion and racism.