strike a blow for democracy

In a feeble attempt to hinder independent local journalism, a certain scumbag has glommed the obvious domain names for the Seldovia Herald, the newspaper run by my friend Savannah. The Seldovia Herald is not some rinkydink mimeographed collection of hick minutiae (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). It’s a charming and professional local publication with community clout and political savvy. S has been using a tilde account but is tired of having to explain a long, awkward web address to her somewhat non-geeky readership, so she’s registered I’ve added it to googlebombs for good and urge anyone with a web page (and the minimally developed nervous system required to understand the value of independent journalism) to give the Seldovia Herald some Google juice. (tip o’ the titfer: Brad)

3 thoughts on “strike a blow for democracy

  1. Bout time the Free World said something. I been working my fingers to the bone out here, and does it call? Write? Flowers, maybe? No.
    And now I suppose it thinks everything’s all hunky-dory now that it’s for once said thanks, well you just tell it from me that I’ve changed the locks and unlisted my number. From now on, Free World, just you remember: I bill by the hour. And don’t you be taking no four frikin’ years to cut a cheque, you hear me now?

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