mouths of babes

jebus.jpgMajikthise reports on “the cheesiest miracle in recent memory”; news stories here and here.

Scores of faithful Christians converged on Hoboken, N.J., yesterday to get a firsthand glimpse of a plaster statue of Jesus that enraptured witnesses say opened one of its eyes. […]
True believers started coming to the scene outside a Jackson St. housing project two days ago after Julio Dones began telling people that one of the eyes suddenly opened as he was cleaning the “sleeping” statue.
“I looked up, and saw the eye was open and light blue, like the sky,” said Dones, 52, who is partially blind himself […]
Dones, a 52-year-old neighborhood preacher who attends the nearby St. Francis Roman Catholic Church and maintains the shrine year-round, said he first saw the blinking after a friend alerted him to it Thursday, around 2 p.m.
He said tears flowed from the eye, and that Jesus’ head turned to the right.
“I felt a chill going up my body, the Holy Spirit coming upon me,” he said. “I … told the people to come see the great sight that just occurred. See, people don’t understand what God does. God does things in mysterious ways.”
Dones, who found the statue in the trash in Jersey City a year ago, said a woman who stopped by yesterday saw the right eye blink and began crying.

Never mind that Jesus, if there was a real Jesus, almost certainly didn’t have blue eyes; my first thought was the same one Orac had here. Compare and contrast:

“It’s an absolute miracle,” said Peggy Dyer, 41, a traffic attendant, as she gazed into the 2-foot statue’s brilliantly blue right eye. “That’s a sign: Something’s getting ready to happen.”
“I’m going to start going to church from now on because since I’ve seen this yesterday, I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind,” said Tanya Vega, 27, a Hoboken masseuse.
…word that the shrine’s Sacred Heart of Jesus statue spontaneously blinked its right eye twice and kept it open — while its left eye stayed closed — sparked more excitement there than ever.
“God’s probably telling us to wake up. This is the last chance to do the right thing,” said Diane Stewart, who lives in the area. “I think … we ain’t got that much time.”

with this:

“It’s just a sculpture,” said Wanda Aldea, 14, shaking her head. “I think somebody just scraped its eyelid off.”

That’s the nation’s future and the hope of all the world speaking. Brings a tear to my atheist eye, it does.
(Yes, I elided a quote from a 13-yo believer and attributed to adults quotes that aren’t certain. Sue me. I’m not a reporter, I don’t have to be fair and balanced.)

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  1. If there was a real Jesus, he was a Palestinian Jew, so he would have probably had brown eyes.

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