clockredbg.jpg It’s Blogathon day (see here for history and explanation). Briefly, in 2000 the spousal unit posted an entry every 15 minutes for a full 24 hours, just for the hell of it. Next year she decided to make it a ~thon, inviting others to play along and get sponsors to donate to charity (like a walkathon, or spellathon, or whatever).
In 2001, 101 bloggers and their sponsors raised just over $20,000; in 2002, 212 bloggers and $58,000; in 2003, 401 bloggers and $102,000. As you might imagine, running this thing is a monumental undertaking. There was a hiatus in 2004, and this year Sheana of Seeworthy is running the show (with a little help from her friends).
It’s an amazing event, and taking part is somewhat gruelling, but fun. People do some truly wonderful stuff — themed series of posts, write-a-novel-in-48-entries, all kinds of things. We’re staying home today, so periodically I’ll post something cool from the ‘thon.