Blogathon 2005: The Descent of Inanna

The ‘thon team already has two mechanisms in place for surfing cool stuff: the hot spots page for special projects or themes, and the webcam portal.
Not everyone sends in their site for the hot spots page though, and the ‘thon team cannot possibly read every blog and highlight stuff (although plans are afoot to build a way to do just that for future events). So I’m going to try to find stuff that’s not linked from the ‘thon site, but just to whet your appetite here’s one from the hot spots.
Over at The Red Room, Cat (not the spousal unit, a different Cat) is updating The Descent of Inanna. Inanna was the chief deity of ancient Sumeria, and her mythology is among the oldest in writing. The Descent is the story of her journey to the underworld; you can read scholarly translations here and here. Cat is writing in modern language — “hell goddesses and bling” as she puts it. Though she might make some technical errors (“no, that’s not a “dagger”, it was clearly once used to kill a pig and the ancient Sumerians had a different word for that, don’t you know anything?”) she’s making (you should pardon the pun) a hell of a story out of it. To read it in order, go here and scroll to the bottom, then read up.
Cat is blogging for the Global Fund for Women, and you can sponsor her here. (Sponsorship is open throughout the event; how it works is explained here.)