punch your mama in the face

For many people, even for some of you reading this, the title of this entry is a bit too close to home. Violence is a daily reality for millions of mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, colleagues — 700 women a day. Seven hundred a day. I’m seriously gonna toss my cookies if I think about that much longer.
Fortunately, I can do something about it. I already pointed to an ACLU letter writing campaign aimed at getting the Violence Against Women Act renewed and reinvigorated; now I want to ask you to consider sending a few dollars to 700women.org for the same purpose. In addition to donating, you can join (at time of writing) 60,000 other decent human beings in signing the petition to Congress.
This is a critical piece of legislation, and a crucial issue. Cough up, dammit — just a few dollars. That’s the whole point of grassroots; a dollar from everyone who can afford it (and if you’re reading this, you almost certainly can afford it) will add up to enough.