more stuff that should have been in The Onion

The idea that a woman should not be legally required to (that is, liable to criminal prosecution if she doesn’t) tell her husband if she has an abortion is being spun as “pro-wife extremism“. I shit you not.
Lemme tell ya, these pro-wife extremists are a danger to America. They’ve destroyed a husband’s right to beat ’em, don’t consider ’em a man’s property, and won’t let the law tell ’em what to do with their own bodies. What next, equality or some shit?
(For the sarcasm-impaired: I am a pro-wife extremist. My wife’s body is her own, and if I cannot establish a mature and trusting relationship with her, in which she feels safe involving me in medical decisions, that’s my problem and I shouldn’t go whining to Johnny Law to step in and solve it. Grow a pair, you foetus-worshipping feebs.)