One thought on “Are we going to need a new flag?

  1. Kris has taken to moaning “I can’t believe we have three more years of this” at random intervals. And while I agree with her, I’ve simply numbed my mind for the past year, since the elections. It’s simply incoceivable to me that Bush could have gained re-election (well, it was inconceivable to me that he could have been elected in the first place, but that’s another thing). The past year has demonstrated just how fucked up he and his policies are. What will things be like in three years? I’m scared to think about it. So I don’t.
    I remain proud to be one of the few percent of the population (nine percent? ten percent?) that has never supported this President. Never. Even if he’s not evil, he’s an idiot, and that just might be worse.

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