Forewarned is forearmed.

jimmy.jpgYou may never have heard of Jimmy Massey; I hadn’t, until today. He’s an Iraq War vet with severe PTSD who’s been telling anyone who’ll listen that civilians are being killed nineteen-to-the-dozen over there. He’s published a book you can’t buy in the US because, apparently, all of our publishers are chickenshit; it’s called Kill Kill Kill and — that popping sound is wingut heads exploding — it was published in France. (You can, however, buy a couple of DVDs of Jimmy talking about his experiences and the military here.)
How did I come to hear of Jimmy Massey? A few days ago, the St Louis Post-Dispatch published a hit piece by Ron Harris claiming that Jimmy was lying; Charles points out that you’ll be hearing “Jimmy Lied!” a lot in certain circles over the next little while, as though it invalidated the entire case against the war, and Nathan talks sense about why it doesn’t.
As it turns out, Jimmy isn’t lying: Ron Harris is a sleazy hack who never lets the facts get in the way of sensational copy. In the linked article, Stan Goff makes a detailed case that Harris has propagated a smear, false in all particulars, probably because Massey caught him out in a lie last September.
So consider this post a gift from me to that special rightwing nutjob in your life. When they start crowing about Jimmy’s lies, send ’em here (or rather, to Stan).