I’m in.

Via Atrios: Target is allowing their pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions for Plan B emergency contraception. Not acceptable. John at AmericaBlog has the skinny.
The contact form for their pharmacy dept is here. I sent ’em this:

Dear Target:
your pharmacists do not have the right to refuse to fill Plan B prescriptions, under the CRA or any other law. Do your Jewish or Muslim cafeteria workers have the right to refuse to serve pork? Can your fundamentalist Christian employees refuse service to the glbt?
I will not spend a penny at Target until and unless this reprehensible policy changes.

Admittedly, I haven’t set foot in a Target since I moved to the US, nor is there much chance of me doing so — there simply aren’t any convenient to me and I tend to avoid large multinationals on general principle. Now, however, if I happen to be by a Target and in the market for something they sell, I will go elsewhere. It’s a teeny inconvenience, which makes my boycott letter a little disingenuous — but I can live with that.