That’s weird. My comment on this Inhabitat post was deleted. From memory, what I said was

Love the site too, but ads in feeds are a dealbreaker. If the ad-free excerpt feeds go I’ll just stop reading.

Am I missing something here? Why would you delete that? It occurs to me that there was no mention of culling the ad-free excerpt feeds, so I over-reached a bit there, but still. As it happens I have unsubscribed, because the “excerpts” turn out to be title-only and the titles aren’t all that informative. I read rss feeds for the convenience, because I don’t want to have to click through on every post. If the ads are all-important, if you’re running the blog as some kind of business, then this rant’s for you.
Schade, I really liked their stuff.
Update: I wrote the admin, and Jill F wrote back to say that my comment was collateral damage when she deleted a couple of obnoxious ones. I’m glad not to have given offense. Jill also points out that the site is free so it’s a bit rich for me to complain about ads. I confess to a deep hatred of advertising, but I didn’t mean to complain so much as add a data point to the thread. I can stand ads on the site, hell, I’ll even click through occasionally; it’s just ads in rss feeds that cross my personal line. I’ve left a new comment that I hope is clearer. (And — now that I look at that first comment again — less pushy.)

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