Truly, deeply weird.

Alistair Cooke is sorely missed since his death last year, and never more so than now, as the story breaks that his corpse was defiled:

The bones of Alistair Cooke, one of the great broadcasters of the twentieth century, were stolen days after he died last year at the age of 95, according to reports in New York.
Cooke’s bones were removed by a surgeon and then sold for around $7,000 (GBP4,000) to two companies that provide tissue for transplant operations, said The Daily News.

I don’t know what Cooke’s beliefs were, but I do know that he had his family break the law by scattering his ashes in Central Park — so I rather think he’d have been amused by all this, and I wish he could somehow be here to send in one of his wry Letters From America about it. (I don’t mean to say it’s funny — it’s ghoulish and astonishing and vile, of course — but I can almost hear him making droll humour from the horror, and all in that lovely voice.)