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As I expected, it’s taking me longer than I expected to get the rest of the site (bio, non-blog writing, etc) up, so I thought I should address the issue of copyright. I’ve just gone back and added links for all the unattributed pictures except the Hubble one (I can’t remember which news story I got that from, but it’s almost certainly a stock beauty shot from the telescope’s home page). So without further ado:
Copyright Notice
Case 1: If I didn’t make it, it belongs to someone else and you should respect their rights and wishes. I certainly will: all legitimate requests regarding intellectual property and the content of this website will be speedily obliged. By “legitimate” I mean either “made by the owner of said property” or “reasonable, as determined by me”.
Case 2: If I did make it, take anything you want, and do with it as you please. I reserve no rights bar this: if you alter something I made in any way, do not identify me as the author of the altered work. I’d love to hear back about anything you do with something you found here.

Update: as discussed here, I intend that this blog should be part of the public domain. You can take anything you find here (so long as I made it) and do anything with it that you like. I’d love to hear about it, but you’re under no obligation whatsoever.

3 thoughts on “copyright, copyleft, copy whatever you want

  1. Hi! I hope you’re having a wonderful day!
    I will be giving a talk on the effects of dirty water on people in poor countries. The talk is on Saturday, April 9 and I will be talking to Junior ans Senior High School students.
    I came across your web site and am seeking permission to use the two pictures of the effects of guinea worms asd shown on your home page.
    If given permission, I will project the pictures on a screen during the talk and that will be all.
    Thanks so much for giving my request your prompt consideration!
    Randy Due
    Church Administrator
    Grace Church
    Racine, WI
    262-632-2111, ext. 109

  2. Hi,
    I have problems with getting in touch with you by e-mail.
    I work for a spa town website. I came across your site and found a poem I would like to pubslih on our web. Who should I ask for the permission?
    Thank you very much.

  3. (also by email)
    Dear Ms Vej,
    please excuse my tardy response — I seldom check the ureach email account any more, but have yet to update all the email links on my website.
    The translation to which you refer is my own, and (as per my “copy anything” policy) you are welcome to do anything you like with it, including publish it on your own website. No attribution is necessary.
    Best wishes,
    sennoma (Bill Hooker)

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