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I mentioned a while back that I chose Ma.gnolia over Simpy in part because the latter’s RSS feeds didn’t work with Bloglines, so it seems only fair to note that this is no longer the case: Simpy’s feeds now work perfectly with Bloglines (at least the full links feed I tested does). Moreover, since Ma.gnolia feeds initially didn’t work with Bloglines either, and the Ma.gnolia team replied to my email to say “it works now, we dunno why”, I figure it was likely something Bloglines did. I meant to email Otis — see for yourself how responsive he is — but forgot; if I hadn’t, I’d be using Simpy now. This would mean finding a way to convert XML to HTML to replace the Ma.gnolia linklog widget, but there’s an API and an active dev community so even if FeedDigest doesn’t open up signups again I’m sure I could cobble something together.
For now I’m satisfied with Ma.gnolia, but I’m keeping my backup with Simpy and keeping an eye on developments. Honestly, Simpy is less flashy and commercial and has that hacker feel to it (these are good things, imo); I feel I can trust Otis, whereas I just don’t know what the Ma.gnolia folks have in mind. I should probably switch, but I’m too lazy to do it right away — so this entry is my way of trying to be fair to Simpy.

2 thoughts on “quick update regarding Simpy

  1. Bill – thanks for the update.
    A widget for Simpy links/tags for embedding is on the TODO list. Feel free to send your suggestions about how it should function or feel. You’ve mentioned a linklog widget…. can you point me to it?

  2. Talking about widgets…. I see you are using MovableType. I’m not sure how far technically MT is from Drupal, but I think both are PHP. One Simpy fan wrote a nice little Ajaxy module for Drupal that you may like. Check out this entry. If you are technical/can program, and feel like adapting it to MovableType, I’d be very happy to announce it, and maybe even host it in SimpyAPI, if you want to maintain it there.

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