3 thoughts on “Bwahahahahahahaha! *wipes eyes*

  1. Thanks for pointing me at that by the way. I can’t believe you didn’t quote this one:
    Karl Marx goes to visit his friend Friedrich Engels, they have tea and cake, and Marx excuses himself to use the bathroom. As he flushes the toilet, he hears the unmistakable sound of a string quartet. He shrugs and goes back to Engels.
    Over the next few weeks, Marx continues to visit Engels and use his bathroom, and every time he flushes, there’s the sound of a string quartet.
    Finally he confronts Engels: “Look Friedrich, every time I flush your toilet, I hear a string quartet, what’s that all about?”
    “Oh that,” says Engels, “That’s the violins inherent in the cistern.”

  2. Eh, we don’t owe each other stuff. Owing is for greedy people 🙂
    Hope life’s good!
    Also, glad your folks were safely far away from Larry.

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