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Through the Looking Glass
Charles has it about right — W has declared himself a dictator, above the law. I’m going to focus less on politics on this site than I have in the past, preferring to leave that to those who are much better at it (see my blogroll), but I did want to at least link to this story.

American Prospect Online – The New New Gore
Like digby, I have a soft spot for Al Gore.

Adventures in Ethics and Science: Marketing philosophy to admitted students.
The most obvious benefit of studying philosophy is in learning critical thinking/reasoning skills and tools.

Floridian: The dissident at dusk
Profile of Stetson Kennedy, genuine American hero. (I’ve forgotten where I found this link; thanks, whoever.)

Trials | Abstract | 1745-6215-7-6 | Lead editorial: Trials – using the opportunities of electronic publishing to improve the reporting of randomised trials
“This editorial introduces the new online, open access, peer-reviewed journal Trials. The journal considers manuscripts on any aspect of the design, performance, and findings of randomised controlled trials in any discipline related to health care, and also encourages the publication of protocols. Trialists will be able to provide the necessary detail for a true and complete scientific record. They will be able to communicate not only all outcome measures, as well as varying analyses and interpretations, but also in-depth descriptions of what they did and honest reflections about what they learnt. Trials also encourages articles covering generic issues related to trials, for example focussing on the design, conduct, analysis, interpretation, or reporting.” This level of disclosure should be mandatory. (via Peter Suber, of course)

HubLog: Peer Review with Marginalia
This is in its early stages, but it’s way cool — a way to annotate online documents. Think peer review as wiki; wonder if Biology Direct would be interested?

Wow. Just — wow. This guy is the Editor-in-Chief of the Antarctica Journal of Mathematics (he doesn’t like it if you write “Antarctic”).

The Loom: You’re a Dim Bulb (And I mean that in the best possible way).
Another “everybody knows” — we only use 10% of our brains. Turns out, the brain only uses enough energy to power about 1% of its neurons at any one time (about 15W). That doesn’t mean “we only use 1% of our brains” though — do we “only use 20% of the transmission” because the car can only be in one gear at a time? (hat tip for the analogy: Janne.)

Social Bookmarks – Social Bookmarking Services Reviewed
Cool, an attempt to list and review every social bookmarking site on the intarweb. Only 36 so far, and at first glance no Scuttle — note to self, email the admin with my list.

Innovations report – how to lobby the legislature
Packed with useful information.

Criticker – Home of the TCI
Rank films to build a profile, from which the db will generate recommendations of films and critics.

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