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Unclean! Unclean!
Who’da thunkit? I’m a persecuted minority: ” Americans rate atheists below Muslims, recent immigrants, gays and lesbians and other minority groups in “sharing their vision of American society.” Atheists are also the minority group most Americans are least willing to allow their children to marry.”
OBACHAN’S SCRIBBLES: Cherry Blossoms 2006
Note to self: take and post hanami photos, trackback.
Groovy Green » Thin Is In: New Thin Film Solar Production Facility To Be Built
Thin film solar: looks like a window, provides almost complete heat insulation and generates more electricity per unit area than traditional panels. Very very cool.
Wired 14.04: The Late Late Show, Live From Inside Halo
Brilliant: a talk show inside a MMORPG! I’d love to see it taken to Second Life or somewhere else less violent than Halo. via rebecca blood.
YoungFemaleScientist: help writing papers.
Should YFS cut a corner in the usual fashion or not? I say no; I wouldn’t blame her if she did, I know the pressure she’s under, but I hope she’ll draw a line in the sand over this.
Firedoglake weblog » Citizen Action Steps: Phase One
[this is good] Note to self: do this. Also, how much does an eFax account cost?
The Valve – A Literary Organ | Electra Press – Will Work For Whuffie, part II
Holbo: “Let’s start by asking the most basic question. Why is an electronic press an appropriate response to academic publishing in disarray? Well, because the academic reputation economy lags behind the technology curve. In some screwy inversion of the history of money, it’s hard to get people to believe in something not backed by solid paper. But what exactly is the form of the shift we are working for? Just: get over the paper fetish? Not that I wouldn’t be pleased enough with just that. But really it seems to me that the main point should be: get over the paper fetish in the right way. And the right way is: by embracing the potential of academic publishing to be a ‘gift culture’. “
The Love Bug
Woman and fiancee share computer; he installs second copy of FF, thinking it would generate a second profile, and uses it to browse dating sites. She finds list of “never saved” passwords in password manager, breaks off engagement and submits bug report. Some of the comments on the report are… disheartening. Via Schneier
3quarksdaily: Shiban Ganju on the H. pylori story
An excellent short essay on a fascinating chunk of the history of science.
Visible Proofs: Forensic Views of the Body
History and practice of forensic science. Via the spousal unit.
“Did you know, for example, that while you need to sweat out your credit report, the credit bureaus keep a special “V.I.P.” list of prominent citizens whose reports are specially tidied up so they look cleaner than they really are? If the big boys never experience the harassment or increased costs of a credit ding, then they are a lot less likely to insist on more legal oversight. There are many ways to lobby, and this one requires no reporting at all.” via ObWi

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