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Google Maps + 2000 Census
Within a 1, 3 or 5 mile radius of our home, there are 11,014, 78,029 or 184,607 housing units, respectively; the great majority are owner occupied, most are worth less than we paid for our place and most are at least 20 years older than ours. The inhabitants, all 24,859, 174,440 or 401,704 of them, are on average a few years younger than us and earn about the same income; they are roughly 80% white, 3% black, 7% asian, 5% hispanic and 7% other.
Can I find someone using their IP Address? | Ask MetaFilter
Might come in handy if ever I get a troll infestation.
I would like to hike the length of the LA River one day. – 101 Fabulous Freebies
Free stuff! Web stuff, that is.
Informed Comment
Well done Prof Cole. Well deserved. I hope Cole is right, that this is indicative of increasing influence of independent, online journalism.
Body and Soul: Two generations
Jeanne on why insisting that immigrants speak fluent English is wrong and stupid.
Utopia, dystopia, frytopia.
The great indoor/outdoor cat debate.
Iraqi Kurds who fled Saddam are getting the BOHICA treatment from the Fed Bureau of Incompetence.
Kamal Sayid Qadir Jailed for Criticism of Barzani.
“The proto-fascist mini-state of the Kurdistan Democratic Party in Arbil [Irbil], northern Iraq, has sentenced an Austrian-Kurdish journalist to 18 months in prison for criticizing Massoud Barzani. Barzani last allied with Saddam Hussein against fellow Kurds as late as 1996, only a decade ago.”
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Fuller on Mooney on science.
More good discussion at Janet’s place.
FURIOUS nads! – You’re Profane, I Bet You Think This Post Is About You
People are stupid. Really fucking stupid.
Some are Boojums » Blog Archive » And it is, it is a glorious thing to be a Christian president!
I am the very model of a modern Christian president…
P2P Foundation
P2P could become a big part of open, cooperative science. Via Peter Suber , of course.
Science and Politics
Coturnix wanted some linky-love, so here it is. Also, sleep is fascinating, and I’ve had a side interest in the body clock for a long time. Think about it: your body keeps time. How??? I even have a crazy idea that my new bete noir , MYC, is somehow involved. Aggregator vacation
Rafe is dealing with my perennial problem: how much time will I allow my rss feeds/surfing to eat?
Uncertain Principles: Admissions Is a Hard Problem
The bottom line for me is that AA for men is not justifiable.
15 Best Skylines in the World
Shanghai and Dubai are my favourites.
Uncertain Principles: Revenge of the Pre-Meds
“Doctors are not scientists, they’re tech support “. I love it.
Finger length predicts physically aggressive personalities, study shows – ExpressNews – University of Alberta
The article is available from Bailey’s website as a pdf. Mean R:I ratios were 0.947 (M) and 0.965 (F) — by eye, mine appears to be very close to 1.0 (higher = less prone to physical aggression/more feminine) Update: I measured, because of course it looks “close to 1.0” (idiot!) — but it’s not clear where to measure from . Taking the crease nearest the palm as a starting point, I get between 0.958 and 0.972, but I used a photocopy not a scan.
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Plagiarism is bad.
The AP — the fucking AP, people! — swiped a story entire from a blog, and when confronted with their theft simply said “we don’t credit blogs”. Taking their cue from the Commander-in-Thief, Newstainment Inc. is now simply ignoring the bits of law it doesn’t like. We are so fucked.

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