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Feed Digest signups are open again, so I’ve digested my Simpy feed into html that displays on my throwaway blogspot site — now, unless I’ve screwed something else up, I should only ever need to cut&paste from the blogspot page’s source (or the Feed Digest html version) to post these linklogs.

ResourceShelf’s DocuTicker: Cesarean Delivery on Maternal Request
Note to self: print out and internal mail to Valerie King. No indication of different outcomes between CDMR and planned vaginal births, but evidence weak.
Microsoft Has Several Search and Ad Patent Applications Published, Also New App from Yahoo
This can’t be good. Dear LazyWeb, please find me an IP/web expert to evaluate these patents.
Recommend me some sparse moody instrumental music | Ask MetaFilter
Corporate Personhood- Demeaning Our Bill of Rights – Reclaim
[this looks good] “…corporate lawyers (acting as both attorneys and judges) subverted our Bill of Rights in the late 1800’s by establishing the doctrine of “corporate personhood” — the claim that corporations were intended to fully enjoy the legal status and protections created for human beings.We believe that corporations are not persons and possess only the privileges we willfully grant them. Granting corporations the status of legal “persons” effectively rewrites the Constitution to serve corporate interests as though they were human interests. Ultimately, the doctrine of granting constitutional rights to corporations gives a thing illegitimate privilege and power that undermines our freedom and authority as citizens. While corporations are setting the agenda on issues in our Congress and courts, We the People are not; for we can never speak as loudly with our own voices as corporations can with the unlimited amplification of money.”
Alicublog: What, Me Weimar?
Bookmarked just for the phrase “Duchamp’s urinal is the wellspring of her rage”, in which there must, MUST, be a poem somehow. Perhaps a villanelle.
Guardian Unlimited | World Latest | Shiite Ayatollah Ignores Letter From Bush
I could wish it were someone other than Sistani, but at least here’s a leader treating Bush with the contempt he deserves. If the rest of the world would take this cue it might make it easier to get the American Taliban out of office.
Guardian Unlimited | Science | ‘When we turn the current on, the patients report the emptiness suddenly disappears’
Last year, Helen Mayberg, a neurologist at Emory University’s school of medicine in Atlanta, published the results of a decade of research which pinpointed a 2.5cm-wide part of the brain called the subgenual cingulate region (SCR) as playing a major role in dealing with affective information.
My Turn: A Black Doctor’s Patient Problems – Newsweek Columnists –
“It’s too predictable. I walk in the room and introduce myself, then wait for the patient — whether he or she is black, white or Asian — to steal glances at the ID card that is attached to my scrubs or white coat. (I’ve thought of having it changed to read something like: It’s true. I’m a real doctor. Perhaps you’ve seen a black one on TV?)” See, when this doesn’t happen any more, then we’ll be making some progress.
New Scientist Technology – Device warns you if you’re boring or irritating
*snort* All it does is vibrate, though. Lame. I think it should deliver a powerful electric shock.
Adventures in Ethics and Science: Evaluating scientific credibility (or, do we have to take the scientists’ word for it?)
This is why Janet gets paid to do philosophy of science, whereas I… comment on blogs sometimes.
ICE: Internet Censorship Explorer » Blog Archive » Yahoo
Nart makes a good point: Yahoo is probably doing to you, right now, what it does to the Chinese. The only difference (for now) is what the respective governments do with the data.


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