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  • ScienceDaily: Brain Imaging Can Predict Effectiveness Of Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Treating Depression
    fMRI study: better recovery in response to CBT is predicted by decreased activity in the subgenual cingulate cortex and increased activity in the amygdala, in response to negative stimuli (emotion laden words).
  • Google Romance
    This was an Internet Jackass Day stunt, but it could be done, and it wouldn’t need Google’s imprimatur. All that is required is a standard data/metadata format for a profile — fill it out, post it anywhere (blog, lj, whatever) and wait for search hits. If I were still single I would work this up for sure.
  • ThermaSAVE Building Systems
    Polystyrene panels offer light, strong, bio/chem/env inert construction units with very high insulating capacity and moderate cost. Looks like a great match for prefab design.
  • The Citizens of Porto Alegre
    The Citizens of Porto Alegre: in which Marco borrows bus fare and enters politics, an ongoing experiment in participatory democracy. I wonder if Portland would go for something like this?
  • Intelligent Enterprise Magazine: Wikis, Blogs and Other Points of Failure
    Greenbaum misses the point entirely. Of course blogs and wikis and so on are mostly shite; everything is mostly shite. What matters about blogs etc. is how they differ from all the other shite, particularly from older publishing methods: a more level playing field for access, much shorter time lapse between observation or idea and readers’ eyeballs, searchability, community, and so on.
  • Dog thong flatulence gas odor smell
    A doggy-thong to ease the pong? Please tell me this is an elaborate Internet Jackass Day hoax. Via GeekPress.
  • Good place for a long walk | Ask MetaFilter
    Best places for long (weeks/months) walks. I suggested Shikoku, but there are heaps of wonderful ideas.

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