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  • Aero Press Brew Instructions from Sweet Maria’s
    Ralf-trap! Scroll down here for purchase info on this coffee maker, which sounds ideal for work as well as travel. I gave up on my Bodum press because I simply couldn’t find a grind coarse enough to give a clean cup. (I hate gritty coffee!) After this write-up, I really want to try this thing; I’ve been adding chocolate to the rotgut free coffee at work just so I can swill it down, but my guts don’t like me for it. Via Cool Tools.
    “Pick up your email from any computer anywhere in the world. Used by over 15 million users in over 220 countries.” Does involve password, of course, but good to remember nonetheless. Might work when web interface down. Via CUJoe.
  • The Lost Gospel of Judas–Photos, Time Line, Maps–National Geographic
    Nat Geo was involved in the project to restore and translate a codex containing, inter alia, the only surviving copy of the Gospel of Judas. This is a great web presentation — photographs of the codex, a translation, how it came to light, a timeline of early Xtian history and non-canonical gospels. Not clear whether Judas is supposed to have written it (cf “Gospels of” MMLJ) or called GoJ because he is its primary subject.
  • WorldChanging: Another World Is Here: BikePower! (Pedal-powered Electricity)
    This guy has a really good point: we have no idea how much work our appliances are doing. If you worked out at Olympic levels for five or six hours, you could probably run your refrigerator for a day. I bet I’d learn to get by with a smaller fridge if I had to power it myself. (And after you read this, don’t forget to swap out your incandescents for compact fluorescent bulbs!)
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  • YoungFemaleScientist: Fixing the System
    An anonymous commenter suggests restricting grant spending on student stipends and on-costs as a way of balancing supply and demand in the postdoc market.
  • Mike the Mad Biologist: Misreading Judas
    Not sure who Mike’s angry at (there’s plenty of blame to go around).
  • Adventures in Ethics and Science: How important is effective teaching to science professors anyway?
    The eternal tension between teaching and research.

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  1. Let me know how you go with that little maker. I’ve found that freshly ground coffee is more important than the machine, and a blade grinder is fine (1/2 cup of beans for 13 seconds for a drip filter 🙂 ). Doesn’t add much to the making time, but adds so much to the result!
    The Rancilio Silvia is the geek coffee maker of choice at the moment because of the quality of materials, and the hacks (see bottom of )

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