More on Net Neutrality

Again via David, there’s another campaign to get Congress to protect the net: Don’t Mess With The Net. They have a blog to keep you up-to-date on developments and campaign efforts, the obligatory letter to Congress, and if you have a blog yourself you can join their list of supporters.
Further update: I couldn’t find the text of the COPE act because it’s still in commitee; in comments below, Ralf points to the Benton Foundation; they have their own summary and what seems to be a pdf of the bill (scroll to bottom of page). I don’t know anything about the Benton Foundation, so caveat lector.

One thought on “More on Net Neutrality

  1. Some interesting Benton reading:
    Founded from funds of an interesting character after his death in 1973, based on his will.
    Politically active as well as strongly focused on knowledge culture.
    He seems to have been quite a threat to the cancer stick money makers.
    Probably good timing to get out of the Encyc Brit game when they did. Hats off to them for that decision.

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