Bora recently asked whether anyone was using Connotea. I am, and I like it fine. It’s open source and has a web API, there’s a lively dev forum, and it’s continually improving. You could use any bookmarking service, like Simpy, to collect your science/work-related links, of course, but Connotea offers the compelling advantages of auto-discovery of relevant fields (DOI, author list and so on), an improving ability to play nice with reference manager software, and a more focused community with whom to share tags, bookmarks and ideas.
Now, much to my glee, Connotea has started actively supporting citations to blog entries:

A lot of you are increasingly bookmarking articles from personal blogs alongside traditional journal-published articles. In response to this, Connotea now has experimental support for treating bookmarked blog posts as citations, and it will automatically import publication data for those articles wherever possible.

Hot damn, says I! Of course I had to try it out, on the obvious test post. Here’s a screenshot, with a regular PubMed entry for comparison:

As you can see, Connotea correctly identified the blog, although it didn’t grab the entry title (and I’m not the only one reading Science & Politics!).
This is the sort of thing that makes me feel that there really is an open science revolution underway. The internet is making possible real-time collaboration between large numbers of people with minimal regard to geography; as proprietary barriers to information flow are dismantled, this collaborative process can only accelerate and will, I believe, supplant traditional competitive models of research.

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