Because women should be encouraged to kill rapists.

nazanin.jpg Lifted directly from Bitch PhD: Nazanin Mahabad Fatehi is an 18-year old Iranian who has been sentenced to death for stabbing a man to death because he and two other men were trying to rape her and her niece. Her case is being reviewed by the Iranian Supreme Court this week. Things you can do:

  • Help spread the story about Nazanin! Tell everyone you know, family, friends and others who might be interested. Direct them to this web page and ask them to take action for Nazanin.
  • Contact newspapers, TV-channels, blogs and other media and ask them to report this story. US residents can contact local or national media via NOW.
  • Write about Nazanin in your own blog, homepage, or in internet forums or chat rooms you frequent.
  • Put a link to this page in your email signature or at your homepage.
  • Put one of these banners on your website.
  • Write the Iranian government or the Iranian embassy of your country , and demand that Nazanin’s death sentence is commuted immediately. Read more.
  • Contact politicians/representatives and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country and ask them to pressure Iran to commute the death sentence and free Nazanin. US representatives can be contacted via NOW.
  • Contact the United Nations Office of Human Rights and ask them to protest.
  • Sign and spread this petition, started by the Canadian model Nazanin Afshin-Jam.
  • Buy a T-shirt in support of Nazanin, designed by Lily Mazahery.

3 thoughts on “Because women should be encouraged to kill rapists.

  1. hi lily
    good work. i know you from cafe Milano in DC. i heard about this ocnvicted girl from a Kurdish Tv station. you might rmemeber me know. anyway, i tried to send you an email, but could nto find. i will be gald to help joe

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