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  • Welcome to the Blog Carnival Index
    Blog Carnival Index: 3838 editions of 313 carnivals as I link this. It feels like too many already, but with literally millions of blogs I guess there’s plenty of room for more carnivals. One more facet of the Intarweb Big Question: what to do with all this information?
  • Bitch PhD: custom bras
    This link is for the spouse. The spouse!!! (Marked this blog post not the Julianna Rae site because several other options are mentioned in comments.)
  • Caveat Lector ยป Random thought
    “Unlike many open-access advocates, I admit openly to being anti-for-profit-journal-publisher. I worked for a service bureau. I saw those folks at their stupidest and worst. I want no part of ’em. Don’t trust ’em. I’m glad when they do the right thing, because I’m glad when anybody does the right thing, but if what I do hurts ’em, there will be no crocodile tears from me on their account.”
  • Hunter S. Thompson and the Myth of Objectivity – frassle
    Damn, jd doesn’t write much, but when he does it’s worth reading.
  • Great-Grandmother gets “do not resuscitate” tattoo.
    This is great:

    Eighty-year-old Mary Wohlford has informed family members of her wishes should she ever become incapacitated. She also has signed a living will that hangs on the side of her refrigerator. But the retired nurse and great-grandmother now believes she has removed all potential for confusion. She had the words “DO NOT RESUSCITATE” tattooed on her chest. […] Said Wohlford: “I don’t believe in lawyers too much.”

    Now that’s a tough old lady — and she may not have solved the problem but she has certainly focused some attention on it. Kudos. (via)

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One thought on “linklog 060521

  1. Dr Hooker, thanks for the link to JD. I have been a huge fan of the late Dr Gonzo, going so far as to spending days hanging at the Woody Creek Tavern waiting for his appearance. His penchant for subjectivity is certainly needed today:
    “He who makes a beast of himself gets rid of the pain of being a man”

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