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  • Open_Access_Journals : Open Access Journals
    I wish they wouldn’t use Yahoo for this. Is there no open source alternative?
  • 3QD: Why We Do Not Eat Our Dead
    Why shouldn’t we eat people?
  • bootstrap analysis: what to do if you find a baby bird
    “”I found a baby bird and it couldn’t fly. What should I do?” The short answer is — Nothing. Leave it alone! The long answer is here in the Bootstrap Public Service Announcement #2: What to do if you Find a Baby Bird.”
  • valentino.jpg

  • Testosterone Nation – The Most Hated Man in Bodybuilding
    “…who is it that the professional bodybuilders call a freak? Who is the freak’s freak? Answer: Greg Valentino.” This is the freakiest physique I have ever seen, bar none. 3500mg/wk of steroids at his peak; 5’6″, 235 pounds and 27″ guns on-cycle. Kids, do not try this yourselves, at home or anywhere else. Update: note the disparity between forearms and upper arms; consensus seems to be that much of the apparent bulk is due to injecting an inert oil directly into the tissue. Kids, don’t do that either.
    Just what it says: an online metronome.
  • One thousand paintings ( 1000 numbers = 1000 paintings )
    “One number, one painting – the number is the art is the limit is the price. Each of the one thousand paintings is unique, showing a number between 1 and 1000.” Sorta goofy, but I might have bought a cool number if any were left.
  • michael regnier photography | gallery archive
    Processed photos, not sure whether I like the trick or not. Via Chromasia.
  • Guardian Unlimited Books | Review | The mythmaker
    I haven’t read enough Heaney to have an opinion, but this interview is a good read and I liked this: “My favourite poem in this area is a two-line dedicatory verse at the front of it: ‘The riverbed, dried-up, half-full of leaves. / Us, listening to a river in the trees.’ That settles it. You know? Obligation, earnest attention, documentary responsibility – fine. But what about the river in the trees, boy? Poetry has to be that, and it’s very hard to get there.”
  • Media Matters – “Media Matters”; by Jamison Foser

    The dominant political force of our time is not Karl Rove or the Christian Right or Bill Clinton. It is not the ruthlessness or the tactical and strategic superiority of the Republicans, and it is not your favorite theory about what is wrong with the Democrats. The dominant political force of our time is the media.


    … it can’t go on.

  • Eschaton
    Quoth Atrios: “My short reading list, in rough chronological order (of relevance not publication), to have a good sense of what’s going on in the media (and its intersection with politics) in this country would be: On Bended Knee Backlash Sound and Fury Queer in America Fools for Scandal Hunting of the President Blinded by the Right A Vast Conspiracy One Scandalous Story What Liberal Media Republican Noise Machine Attack Poodles Lapdogs”
  • Judith Shklar: putting cruelty first.
    “…although intuitively, most of us might agree about right and wrong, we also, and of far more significance, differ enormously in a way we rank the virtues and vices. Those who put cruelty first, as he guessed, do not condemn it as a sin. They have all but forgotten the Seven Deadly Sins, especially those that do not involve cruelty. Sins are transgressions of a divine rule and offenses against God; pride, as the rejection of God, must always be the worst one, which gives rise to all the others. Cruelty, as the willful inflicting of physical pain on a weaker being in order to cause anguish and fear, however, is a wrong done entirely to another creature. When it is marked as a supreme evil, it is judged so in and of itself, and not because it signifies a rejection of God or any other higher norm. It is a judgement made from within a world where cruelty occurs as part both of our normal private life and our daily public practice. By putting it irrevocably first–with nothing above it, and with nothing to excuse or forgive acts of cruelty–one closes off any appeal to any order other than that of actuality.”
  • Merchant’s Encyclopedia of HTML
    Nice summary; includes a scribble page.
  • Iris Tour – a photoset on Flickr
    Don’t just look at the thumbnails, click through. There are some really good photos in this set. Makes me wonder about the Digital Rebel vs the G6.

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