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I don’t sit around all day websurfing, honest.

  • Cool Tool: Peopleware
    Might be useful if I make it up the foodchain a bit.
  • eBay Guides – . How To Win Something In A Claw Machine .
    The internets really do contain Everything.
  • Portico: An Electronic Archiving Service
    “The mission of Portico is to preserve scholarly literature published in electronic form and to ensure that these materials remain accessible to future scholars, researchers, and students.” A non-profit ally in the quest for OA/OS?
  • HST’s obituary for Nixon: “He was a crook.”
    “… hubris-crazed monster from the bowels of the American dream with a heart full of hate and an overweening lust to be President”, snork. More where that came from as the High Priest of Gonzo beats the Worst President Ever (until W) like a red-headed step-mule.
  • Small stinky whitish balls coming out of my throat. | Ask MetaFilter
    Spouse, do not read this. Other readers, beware: if you click through, you may never eat again. I created a new tag, “foulandhorrible”, just for this. The biologist’s lament: why O why must I love things that squick me out? Gaaaa, erg, I can’t look, I gotta look.
  • MaxSpeak, You Listen!: CARBON OFFSETS – OFFSIDES by Gar W. Lipow
    “Mommy, where do carbon offsets come from?” “Well, you see honey, when a major polluter and a consultant love money very much they express that love together in a very special way. And nine months later the consultant produces an extremely long piece of paper.” *snort* Followed up here with links to several resources. Note to self: read and think, also ask to respond.
  • Alicublog: movie review, Walk The Line
    Why is no one paying Roy to write movie reviews? (Or, if they are, someone please point me there.) This is what reviewing should be: sharp and clear, informed and reinforced by a wide background of experience and critical thought. Also, funny and spoiler-free.
  • arc90 lab : tools : Unobtrusive Sidenotes
    It’s all about tangents. No, not those kinds of tangents. We’re talking about the kind where you’ll be sharing a thought and you sort of, umm, go off elsewhere. Some people call them asides, digressions, departures…you get the idea. We are of the belief that footnotes — at least the ones worth reading — suck. They suck because they are elsewhere, usually far away from the line-of-sight we’re focused on when we read. It would be nice to be able to optionally just glance over and take that brief little detour if we so choose. It’s footnotes on steroids: sidenotes. Via jd.

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