Peter Suber points to a new book from Chandos Publishing. It sounds interesting, but here’s a free clue for Chandos: I’m not about to pay GBP 39.95 (USD 73.86) for the paperback edition of a 250-page book about — you guessed it — Open Access.

Title: Open Access; Key strategic, technical and economic aspects
Editor: Dr Neil Jacobs
The authors are some of the leading experts in open access, and will be familiar to anyone with even a passing acquaintance with the debates in the field. They include academic researchers, librarians and publishers, and are all strategic thinkers with both breadth and depth of knowledge in scholarly communication. They have subtly different views on open access, and these come across in the book, which therefore documents the open access movement at a critical point in its progress. The editor is an experienced information professional and researcher, currently managing the JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee) Digital Repositories development programme in the UK.

Peter says that many of the chapters are available, open access, on the web — but Chandos doesn’t seem to want me to know where they are. Look, I know there are no Publishing Fairies to leave free books under my pillow, and I don’t begrudge anyone an honest living; but come on, seventy smackers for a paperback? I’m going to take some convincing before I see that as anything but gouging.

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