Blogathon! 379 blogs, $56,678.94 so far, and a Special Offer for my tens of readers.

Last push! Blogathon is this Saturday; if you haven’t signed up to blog it’s too late for this year, but you can still sponsor a blogger from now until at least 48 hours after the event.
If you sort by funds pledged and scroll down, you’ll find (as I write this) 80-some bloggers who don’t yet have sponsors. If you’ve got a few bucks that ain’t working right now, how about helping one of them out?
Tell you what: if you do that, come back here and give me the name of another blogger with no sponsors, and I’ll sponsor them. Probably only five bucks, because I’m skint — but the little donations add up, that’s how grassroots works. That’s the beauty of the Blogathon, too — a few hundred bloggers you never heard of raising a dollar here and a dollar there, and pretty soon you have a bona fide international community premised on giving a helping hand wherever it’s needed.
Try it, you’ll like it.

10 thoughts on “Blogathon! 379 blogs, $56,678.94 so far, and a Special Offer for my tens of readers.

  1. Thanks, bozette; done and verified! Whee! That’s eight blogathonners who now have at least one sponsor, who might not otherwise have had any.

  2. thank you for the wonderful comment!! would you mind if i posted it on my next post with a link to your site? i’m sure all the parents would love to see it!!!!

  3. Nikki, go right ahead and quote me wherever you like. (I also emailed you, but blogathon is a busy time so perhaps you’ll look back here first.)

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